Our Focus Areas
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Our Focus Areas


Educate the Vulnerable Children

Empowerment through Education.

The Goal 

To reduce the rate of school dropouts, child abuse and neglect among vulnerable school age children through collaborations with government, donor organizations and communities.

Self Empowerment

Vocational Training

Think Entrepreneurship.

The Goal

To increase empowerment opportunities to vulnerable household through, partnership with donor organizations and government agencies.

Health Care

Raising HIV/AIDS Awareness

Preventive methods and early detection.

The Goal

To reduce the incidence of HIV/AIDS, Malaria, and Reproductive Health related issues through partnership with government, donor agencies and communities.


Growth and Infrastructure.

The Goal

To enhance the provision of infrastructures for the development of communities through collaborations with communities, government and donor agencies.

Climate Change

Promote Environmental friendly Society

Research & Development efforts.

The Goal

To promote environmental friendly society through Research and Development in collaboration with Government, Donor agencies and Communities.