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Take Action

The Global OVC Educational Fund

The Global OVC Trust is a fund created to support orphans and vulnerable children through education. In the world today, the Purpose are to:

  • To fund and promote excellence in education in rural communities.
  • By providing scholarship for hardworking and talented pupils as well as
  • Provide funding to grow and run well managed schools
  • Provide resources and improved salaries to employ and develop highly skilled teachers.


Timeline For the Scholarship 

Scholarships will be awarded at the end of the year (Summer term) for the following school year. Planning for each scholarship will involve:

  • Fundraising, recruiting sponsors and advertising
  • Evaluating student performance for granting scholarships
  • Celebration Award ceremonies and awarding of the scholarships secured


Duration of the Award 

We could have termly, annual and whole phase or multiple years (for example all of Primary or Secondary) scholarships. I am inclined to suggest annual scholarships are awarded.


Determining the scholarship terms 

Probably suggest that the scholarship has not limit in number, but may have a limit for each school or proportion to number of students in a school. The scholarship should be in good proportion to encourage resources are enough to improve the schools and develop more schools with a high quality standard.


Funding the scholarship 

Donations will be requested from the public and people known to us. Payments maybe accepted in smaller payments made monthly. Options:

  • Fund a child for a Year: £120 / £10 per month


What may need to be done to raise funding 

  • Develop the fund aspects of the website
  • Build a network and potential list of donors
  • Drafting letters, emails,
  • Highlighting the purpose of the various scholarships (e.g Science Technology Engineering and Maths (STEM) for girls)
  • List and celebrate donors on the website, in writing and providing plaques to those that support for a predefined number of years


Criteria for the Scholarship

As vulnerable children are defined in many ways, and while some may be orphans or homeless, we should also consider poverty and financial need.

We would like to monitor and administer the scholarship annually and have a transparent way of publishing the use of funds. A question I would need clarification on, which organisation best manages the fund: Rural Linkage or Linkage Schools.

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