Climate Change Impacts On Agriculture And Strategies For Adaptation
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Climate Change Impacts On Agriculture And Strategies For Adaptation

Climate Change Impacts On Agriculture And Strategies For Adaptation

The objective of the intervention was to increase community knowledge and response to climate change events through a participatory approach that ensured community ownership from inception. The mission of the project was to achieve the project objectives through training and providing support to increase the number of farmers planting adaptive trees and high-performance arable crops, producing and using compost manure, fabricating and using fuel wood efficient stoves that would reduce deforestation.


Key Achievements

  1. The new variety of cassava yielded 100% more than the traditional variety in half the time of cultivation and growth.
  2. It has increased food supply and increased household income.
  3. The yam minisetts technology produced twenty (20) tubers of seed yams from one tuber. This has increased food supply and income for household that were able to harvest before the great flood of August to October, 2012.
  4. The stove energy saving stove has helped to
    – Reduce the quantity of firewood used for cooking
    – Reduced the time taken by women and girls in search of fuel wood.
    – Reduced the amount of Green House Gases released into the atmosphere
    – Reduced dangers posed by inhaling much smoke by women, girls and the entire household when cooking with fuel wood.
    – It reduced the cooking time and gives women and girls more time to do other useful social, economic and political activities.



Small Grant Projects (SGP), Global Environmental Facility (GEF)  and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)





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